Parklands Sports Club

Starting from December 13, 2019, Yokora Sports entered in to a partnership with Parklands Sports Club where the following happened for two months.

Monthly Run Sponsorships

At Parklands Sports Club, there happens a run every first Sunday of the month. The run is calibrated in to 6,000 all through 21,000 meters. Yokora Sports facilitated the refreshments and awards during the run for the period of the partnership.

Yokora Sports products across all brands were displayed for about 8 weeks where the club members had a chance to view, purchase and even get an inspiration to visit the shop at Two Rivers Mall.

The events at Parklands, including some that may not be listed here, have opened us to even more partnerships. For instance, we met MCA Henry Wanyoike, the disability representative for Kiambu county (among other titles) who we discussed a lot in terms of growing talent.

You could be the next institution, club or school that enter into partnership with us. Just reach out.

Henry Wanyoike Foundation

Over the past three months, Henry Wanyoike Foundation and Yokora Sports have been in talks over possible partn erships in the future. Henry Wayoike is the World Record Holder of the 5,000 M and 10,000 Meters Paralympics. He is currently preparing to defend this title at Tokyo, Japan this coming Summer.